Welcome to GO-HUL!

This is our first blog post. The first of many, symbolizing a shared effort by experts worldwide to exchanging knowledge, experiences and resources on the historic urban landscape. And by experts we do not mean academics or consultants only, but everyone who has knowledge, experiences and resources to share on historic urban landscapes and their sustainable urban development.

You can count with GO-HUL to support this global exchange, so that together cities can learn from each other to develop stronger and better together; while evaluating the past, exploring the present and forecasting the future. Older cities are witness to the role of heritage resources to communities and their sustainability over time. Heritage are no common resources. They are the resources communities value the most, and are willing to invest beyond own benefits.

GO-HUL is a tribute to the late Ron van Oers, a dear colleague and friend, whose sudden death took us away with complete shock. Ron fostered this exchange of knowledge, experiences and resources on the historic urban landscape. He put his heart and soul into HUL and motivated a legion of experts worldwide to work in close cooperation, despite age, gender, nationality or background. Ron was the true mastermind behind GO-HUL. We are simply making it happen.

Join us!

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