Ballarat, Australia

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Short description

In Ballarat, the main focus of applying the HUL has been moving away from ‘development versus preservation’ towards an integrated conservation model. By actively involving different stakeholders and building a comprehensive ‘living’ knowledge base, the city is enhancing public participation and building a new culture-based framework to inspire sustainable and creative responses to change.

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101,578 (2015);

Land area

73,867 hectares (739 km²)

Key challenges

Projected population increase of 60% between 2015 and 2040; Facilitating growth in the historic city; Climate change – a hotter, drier climate


May 2012 – on-going

Heritage Protection

National Heritage controls; State heritage controls; Municipal land use planning controls

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Main Partners

Local government authority – the City of Ballarat (leading partner)


Deakin University

Federation University Australia

Main activities

[2013] WHITRAP Pilot city, September 2013

[2014] 1st International HUL Symposium community day and Expert Session

[2014] Ballarat Imagine community conversation – A vision for Ballarat

[2015] 2nd International HUL Symposium and community day: Revitalising Historic Cities

[2015] The Ballarat Strategy

[2015] Next steps in implementing the ‘Historic Urban Landscape (HUL)’ – Symposium in honour of Dr Ron van Oers, Federation University and Deakin University [Video tribute from Dr Jing Feng UNESCO]

[2016] Smart Cities: Building the future workshop to capture ideas and shape future directions for HUL Ballarat and Visualising Ballarat tools, CeRDI Federation University Australia and City of Ballarat

[2016] Imagine Ballarat East (HUL) [City of Ballarat] and new Visual Methodologies Research Project [Deakin University]

[2016] Making Sebastopol

[2016] The Learmonth Plan

[2016] The Burrumbeet Plan

[2016] The Cardigan Village Plan

[2016] Launch of The HUL Guidebook: A practical guide to UNESCO’s Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape by the City of Ballarat, WHITRAP and Federation University Australia at the League of Historical Cities World Conference, Bad Ischl, Austria

[2016] Our People, Culture and Place: Preliminary heritage plan

[2017] Our People, Culture and Place. A plan to sustain Ballarat’s heritage

Main resources

law-book1Our People, Culture and Place. A plan to sustain Ballarat’s heritage (2017)

law-book1 Today, Tomorrow, Together: The Ballarat Strategy – Our Vision for 2040 (2015)

law-book1 Ballarat HUL model (2016)

law-book1 Preliminary 2016-2030 Heritage plan for Ballarat (2016)

law-book1 Mapping Ballarat’s Historic Urban Landscape – Stage 1 Final Report (2013)

law-book1 3D Mapping System – Scoping Study (2014)

law-book1 Historic Urban Landscape and Visualising Ballarat Impact Analysis – first wave (2016)

settings Visualising Ballarat

settings HUL Ballarat

play-button HUL Symposium Ballarat – Ron Van Oers keynote (2015)

play-button HUL Symposium Ballarat – Ron Van Oers community day (2015)

play-button HUL Symposium Ballarat – Rohit Jigyasu community day (2015)

play-button HUL Symposium Ballarat – Rohit Jigyasu panel (2015)

play-button HUL Symposium Ballarat – Jason Forest panel (2015)

play-button HUL Symposium Ballarat – Erin McCuskey panel (2015)

play-button HUL Symposium Ballarat – Ken Taylor panel (2015)

play-button HUL Symposium Ballarat – Peter Dahlhaus launch (2015)

open-magazine The HUL Guidebook: A practical guide to UNESCO’s Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape (2016)

open-magazine BUCKLEY, K., COOKE, S. & FAYAD, S. 2014. Using the Historic Urban Landscape to reimagine Ballarat. In: LABADI, S. & LOGAN, W. (eds.) Urban heritage, development and sustainability: international frameworks, national and local governance. (2016): Routledge. [Further info]

open-magazine BUCKLEY, K. & FAYAD, S. 2017. The HUL and the Australian Burra Charter – some implications for local heritage practices. In: Historic Environment, The People’s Ground, Volume 29 Number 2 (2017): Australia ICOMOS. [Further info]

open-magazine Ballarat and UNESCO’s Historic Urban Landscape approach (2013)


Susan Fayad [blog editor]

Catherine McLay

John Dyke

Lisa Kendal

Jason Forest

Kristal Buckley

Steven Cooke

Keir Reeves

David McGinniss

Paulette Wallace

Malcolm Borg

Brian Benson

Matthew Swards

Graeme Kent

Daniel Henderson

Jessie Keating

Maya Dougherty

Sue Hodges

Angela Murphy

Helen Thompson

Amy Tsilemanis

Lucinda Horrocks

Frances Salenga

Chris Meddows-Taylor

Chris Johnston

Bryn Davies

Jennifer Ganske

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